Incorrect Date in Roast.Time

I’ve noticed that Roast.World has the correct dates for my Roasts, but the Roast.Time software is incorrect. It seems to be off by a day for at least some of my roasts, making it more difficult to reference roasts accurately. For example. I did 3 roasts on October 22, but the Roast.Time software places them all on the 23rd. My computer date has not changed and is set correctly.

As far as a feature suggestion for the dates in Roast.Time, it would be nice to have the features match Roast.World, specifically the ability to see the actual date rather than something like “3 days ago”. I’d rather not have to calculate dates when referencing previous roasts.

What you’re saying about “X days ago” sounds familiar but I couldn’t find it. Where was that used? I checked these 2 locations in RoasTime 4 where multiple sequential dates are used but don’t see it…

I’m using the Win11 version of RT with these releases-
fw 610
Current RT4 versions
Main 4.6.16
Client 1.117.00
Proxy 1.041.00
Comm 1.010.58

Except for Main, these are possibly beta releases I’ve been testing. If I’ve looked in the right places for “X days ago” and if you have older releases, then they are probably in the pipeline awaiting a production release. But I may not have looked in the right place.


I’m using the Linux version 4.6.16, but the dates that are less than a week old will show as “6 days ago”, “5 days ago”, etc. under My Roasts in the Date column in the software but not on Roast.World. The other odd thing is that the dates in Roast.World don’t completely match with the dates in the software, only some of them do and there doesn’t seem to be any apparent reason for the discrepancy.

Got it. Maybe GMT got inserted somewhere along the way.


Thanks for the report @drink_your_coffee, there’s a discrepancy in the way the date is being formatted and displayed in RoasTime, we’ll get it fixed.

“X days ago” is displayed on roasts done within the past week, but we’ll discuss changing it if simply displaying the date makes things easier.

Thank you! Yes, I believe the way the date is displayed in Roast.World is much better. If the RoasTime software matched that format it would be good and much easier to figure out exactly when a batch was roasted without having to do mental math and cross-verify date and time with Roast.World.

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Following up here to let you know that we’ve decided to update RT to match RoasTime. This is in our backlog and we’ll write back when this is completed.