Inline fan for bean cooling


Hi I am going to use a AC infinity cloudline s4 as an inline fan for cooling after roasting, but what to do with the OEM fan? can this just be unplugged or will I need to remove it from its location and leave plugged in for the software to function correctly.


Hi Maybe I did not phrase my question clearly. If the bean cooling fan is not plugged into the bullet will everything still operate correctly when going through a roast or when the beans are dumped and the unit is looking to switch on the bean cooling fan and not finding it can this cause a problem with the software/firmware?


No, it doesn’t care.


Great, Thanks Stuart.


I would recommend removing the current fan from the cooling tray though to minimize resistance for the S4. It won’t be too significant but there is no need to leave the current fan in the flow path if you aren’t using it with the bullet.


This is what I did when I installed a Cloudline S6 to my cooling tray…

I Had removed the fan from the cooling tray when I installed the S6. But when I upgraded my induction PCB to V2, I plugged it back in and mounted it underneath the Bullet to provide constant air flow to the induction PCB. My PCB has never gone higher than 67-68°C.

If your Induction PCB gets to 98°C (FW558), it triggers Error 32 and the Bullet will go to P0.


Thanks for the info I feel more confident moving ahead now.