Installed IBTS & firmware 523, but still only can pre-heat to 205C

I had installed a new IBTS & updated to firmware 523.
But the temp reading is still remaining in the previous version.
Cannot set the pre-heat temp over 205C.
The IR fan is moving & I can sees the RMP is 6330 from RoastTime.
But one issue is the IR fan doesn’t start when I turn on the unit unless I give a push to kick off. But I don’t see any object blocking it.
Also, the panel light & the IR fan keep running on eave I unplug the power cord.
Any advices?
Thx in advance!

6330 RPM sounds low. You really ought to see numbers over 10,000 RPM (my replacement IBTS fan runs constantly at about 16,000 RPM).

Also the older f/w versions (don’t recall the change point) had a response to an error associated with IBTS that limited Pre-heat value. Try searching Roast.World.

Last thought- you might consider updating f/w to 540… 523 is pretty old as these things go.


How’s 540 doing for you? I haven’t seen you post any problems on this update.

I’m still on 515 after reading (I think) that some of the recent updates were for the V2. I’m ready to upgrade today or tomorrow as I set up for roasting again.

I’m still on RT 2.5.0 stable, too.

re: f/w… The adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” probably applies. I can’t help myself so I usually opt for the latest f/w even though I don’t (yet) have a V2 power board. There have been a few built-in-test features that have popped up and one of them led to replacing my bad-since-delivery IBTS fan. So there can be some good in keeping up with the latest f/w. A few of the things that new owners have encountered sound like issues present at the time of delivery that were missed because those test features weren’t yet implemented (??.. or shipping damage!).

re: RT updates… I have been using RT since it was released back in Dec. No issues for me. I don’t use Recipes which may help. There is a problem with the whole Overlay feature that needs attention (at least on Win 10) but I suspect it’s the same in 2.5.0-stable.


At one point I had it fixed. The IR fan was working every time I turned on the unit.
But few days later, it didn’t work again.
I need to give it a spin to kick start it. Or else it only goes up to 205C pre-heating temp.
Would that be any power supply issue?

What you describe sounds (to my non-expert ear) like a bad or failing IBTS fan. If you contact the Help Desk they can check the data logs if you roast with RT while connected to the internet. RT sends the data log to Aillio while you’re roasting. With your s/n their Help Desk can see what is happening that shouldn’t (& vice versa). As far as I know, your Bullet supplier (Sweet Maria’s for example) can’t interpret the codes by themselves… Aillio has to be involved.

Btw, my IBTS fan seemed to be sensitive to ambient temp. I was roasting outdoors and IBTS fan speed was getting slower the colder it got.