Interesting research using a Bullet

Pretty interesting paper by Mark Al Shemmeri: An experimental study of coffee bean particle motion in a rotating drum roaster | by Mark Al-Shemmeri | May, 2023 | Medium

His IG post about it with some very interesting additional comments: Mark Al-Shemmeri on Instagram: "We’ve all looked into the sight glass of the roaster, watching for the recirculation of beans as they cascade and tumble around inside, trying to catch the exact moments that the coffee’s colour transitions from green to yellow to brown, monitoring the volumetric expansion, waiting around for the audio of first crack and eagerly anticipating the drop. As coffee’s physical properties transform during roasting, with significant changes in hydration, porosity, mass, density and colour, we stare into the heart of the roaster but only ever see a snapshot of the coffee’s trajectory. Luckily, nuclear physicists have provided us with a tool to visualise the three-dimensional motion of coffee beans within roasters. A condensed version of the study is available over on my platform for you all to read, enjoy and explore what happens to those beans inside the roaster! Link in bio"


We (Aillio) will be releasing an interview with Mark very soon (this week!)

I’ll post a link here when it’s ready.

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