Inventory Management

I am a new user having trouble with inventory management. I am able to create a bean and the amount of green roasted is deducted, but then it automatically adds it back in and I don’t see any way to delete “adjustments” to the inventory and cannot figure out why it is adding the beans back in. Sure appreciate the help and guidance as this would be a cool tool to know how much green in inventory.

This keeps happening form me with different beans. Always the "Automatic inventory adjustment: Bean was removed from roastX " within a day or two after roasting. Can anyone shed some light here why this is happening? Am I the only one having this issue? Thanks.

Hey @srmattson,

My apologies for this. We will get this fixed for you asap. I’m not yet sure why it would remove and the re-add it to your bean. I’ll write back here when this is fixed.

I’d like to ask, do you input the green weight using Roast World or RoasTime?


I input the green weight I am roasting in RoasTime. I input the new green weight available in RoastWorld.

Here is a screenshot of what it is doing.