Is Roast Time available for Ipad?

Is Roast Time available for Ipad?

Hey @juanmanuelrodriguezc,

Unfortunately, it is currently not available for iPad.


Thanks for your feedback!

Does that mean it will eventually be available?

An iPad seems like a match made in heaven for the Bullet.


Touch screen

Battery option

Perfect screen size for closer use and ergonomic positioning for better posture

Small footprint

Option to use cellular data (for those roasting in rural areas around the world)

It would further define and set apart the Bullet.

Hopefully APPLE will merge their M1 iOS and MacOS platforms into one sooner than later.

(i’m in no way saying that there is a best setup, or that there is an only one way. Obviously, a bluetooth keyboard and a 32inch screen can mac for a wonderful setup too. Being able to sit further from a screen is a big deal. Having multiple windows open to reference and input data, it is awesome. i’m just saying i see how the iPad could be unique and interesting option that i’d be interested in as well, if i had ‘t already invested in a different system for my needs. I just want to support progress, as there is so much potential in what aillio is doing)

Hi everyone,

Currently there are no plans to release a version of RT for the iPad. We unfortunately also cannot provide any expected timeline for this.

We do plan to release a public roadmap soon that you will be able to see the next big features we are working on.



At least for me, i have not planned on the iPad, so i am ok, but i appreciate your reply and look forward to the road map.

RT is an Electron app, right? Should it be able to run on Android tablets?

Hmm, I’m afraid this isn’t the case. According to Electron’s official docs, they only support windows, linux, and Macs.