Is there a firmware revision log somewhere?

Where do I find out what the firmware revision are from 523 stable to 540 Beta.
I’m having unstable operating of temps during cooling down and preheating for next roast in back to back mode.

I’m curious about moving to 540, but lord knows what that will break.
Is there any documentation online that one can read to see what changes have been made and why?

Also, if it doesn’t work, is there a repository where I can pick a firmware and “roll backwards” to undo any problems.

The firmware changes can as of now only be seen in the old roastime 1.
From 523 there are improvement to the cooling algorithm and depending on if you are on V1.5 or V2 you might also get some power improvements.
You can always revert back to 523.

Could you please elaborate on this?


  • Can’t select a preheat past 205 (sometimes unplugging and plugging in power gets past this)
  • Preheat to 250 on IBTS shows 98 on other sensor
  • Turn machine on and it throws a restart error/code
  • Can hear the little fan oscillating as if voltage or current is increasing and decreasing
  • Sometimes after preheating the machine decides to start roasting even though we have not charged any beans, are not doing any playbacks, and everything is in manual mode.

Did you try 540?

I have not as I am still trying to figure out how to download the current/older firmware incase I need to roll back.

R2 doesn’t appear to have any options other than installing the latest beta or the latest stable. Is that correct?