ITBS Sensor Beans hang in it

Had strange last 2 roasts 1000gr each with auto stop ErC 0002 on sunday, thanks was lucky and coffee is good. Classic probe said 245 °C , ITBS said 222/3 what I wanted.

I did open the door and cleaned it despite with new ITBS I expected to have less door unscrewing than in the past. This is the second time I roast with ITBS.

THESE TWO BEANS WHERE IN THE ITBS one half covering the Sensor the second I found later inside. How can we protect that no bean fall in? Weak point old sensor with a glass i.e. closed surface on door.

Open door

After cleaning

Found victims

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Yikes! Wouldn’t have expected that to be an issue. Maybe related to running at max capacity… ?? Just had mine apart tightening door-hinge screws and thought the cavity where the IBTS is located looked relatively clean, but then I roast only smaller batches (300 gm or 500 gm).

Hope Jacob or someone gets back to you on this… like to hear their thoughts.

Never seen this before. Is the roaster completely level?

100% leveled unless concrete floor and building changed moved!

I always roast with 1000gr I even want to try 1200gr as you mentioned drum volume is large enough. However since I found the two victims (beans) in it I am reluctant or I have to open after each roast the door. Maybe I go for a small micro endoscope camera and check it after every roast

I have a same experience.

Used my Depstech wireless endoscope tool to inspect my sensor this evening. All clear on my machine (for now). Thanks for the heads-up to check on this situation.