ITBS update on R1 V1

Hi Aillio Team!

did my first 7 roasts on Sundays with the ITBS and I must say wau fantastic! Thanks a lot such a great invention this makes the R1 to a really super roaster. 1 Kg batches for home roasting, 300 gr for sample. Very easy to handle.



Have you noticed any oil build-up on your new ITBS? I’ve found I’ve had to clean mine every 25 lbs or so.

no I did not opened yet 25 lbs is about 12 kgs? Aillo told me that it has to be much more in order to affect the temp. measuring.

The old one was clean, after each roast session I cleaned it through the window with cotton and alcohol. My hand suffered form bean metal deflector and small door. Guess the new ITBS is trickier to get with finger and cotton to clean. Surface isn’t flat and inside door.

I thought I recalled reading that it didn’t NEED to be cleaned like the old IR window, but that when during routine cleaning you can clean it. I assume this to mean that a dirty window doesn’t affect the temp readings, which is what I think was implied. Read in the FB user group page someplace.

That’s correct, the reason for the fan is to create a small positive pressure across the ibts lens keeping debris from landing on it.

I have done two roasts since my upgrade to the ITBS in V1 Bullet. After a few days rest I am back trying to roast and my R1 is acting weird. First, the Bean Temp displayed “rES” I can not find any reference to this message in the manual or online. Anyone ever see this? After shutting the machine down to the “off” state the message cleared.

Thank you

Did it stop saying that message after you restarted the Bullet?

I have seen (and heard) the rES on almost all the Bullets I have upgraded with the IBTS. 10 Bullets last week :slight_smile:
It happens after having installed the FW 475 and then reboot the first time:
First blinking rES + several beeps, then it stops beeping and says: The Bullet is now ready…
After that I pressed F1 to enter the settings menu as I wanted to change the PH to the now much higher value. After cycling through all settings the Bullet seems to be fine and ready from here on.
Is this what you experienced as well?

Gues mine was the same no issues :wink: touch wood so far it works :relaxed:

After I upgraded to IBTS on v1.0 Bullet I see the rES in the display - 50 % of the time, and normal display 50 % of the time - its kinda hit or miss.

With the rES message the bullet beeps a few times and then says … bullet is now ready.

Weird part is, that when I get the rES message I can set temperature preheat to 300 degrees. When it just boots normally and no rES message I can only preheat to 205 degrees. Come to think about it, its weird - it cant be both firmwares at the same time, unless you switch to a failsafe “prefirmware update” firmware if the firmware does not update right?

Hoping next firmware update will fix this.

Just guessing, but is the IBTS cable plugged in firmly? The firmware programs the IBTS when first installed, after which it displays rES (restart). It sounds like it is being detected only sometimes.

Check the cabling to the IBTS and make sure that the mini fan is spinning. You can hear it if you listen carefully. After it says rES you must restart the bullet, then the message should go away.

My mind may be playing tricks on me :slight_smile:

Just booted the Bullet 5 times in a row, and ther rES does not show anymore end preheat can be set to 300 degrees. IBTS fan is spinning, so everything seems OK.



So, rES is back… nothing changed, and it started doing this again. The mini fan of the IBTS is spinning. I can set preheat to 300, so everything seems normal…?

See this: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Every now and then I do not see the rES and everything is still fine. So, problem or not?

Tried to update to firmware 507, but I can’t (see other post, if interested). Can’t really test this further as the Bullet now is stuck in firmware update mode.

What temperature is the drum after starting up?

It is set at default, 205 as i remember.

Just updated to firmware 507, now the rES is gone (for now, will get back in this thread if it starts again) and temperature is 310 when the Bullet is booted (as set in the options menu)

Probably fixed by now


I might have the same symptoms as this thread? IBTS not recognised - #6 by wijkvanp

So here’s the data, to help you identify a potential bug.

Problem is still there with 507 firmware but might be slightly different/might be the same? Something new happened this time.

Again, sometimes the bullet starts fine with 507 firmware, but sometimes I can only go to 205 degrees. IBTS fan is spinning. And now and then it just behaves oddly, e.g. this instance I filmed to record the 205 behavior, but then this happened instead: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

No rES though. The next 4-5 boots I did after this it was fine.

Bullet behaving normally when roasting.

Let me know if I should test something. 508 firmware?

The behavior of the Bullet in the video is the same as with my Bullet. The bullet is resetting to IBTS mode, but the screen stays black during the reset.
If firmware 508 helps for me, it should help for you.