Jumping into cooling mode when first crack is reachedy

For the second time my Bullet R1V2 automatically cycled into cooling mode when it reached first crack. I’m controlling the roaster manually rather than following a saved profile. Any clues about what im doing wrong . I can ‘rescue’ the roast by pressing PRS to get back to roasting mode but i lose the profile graph.

I’ve seen this happen from very dirty chaff filters. The humid air cannot escape, and enters the control board where it triggers button presses.

Thanks for replying. I don’t think it’s that as I take the time to empty the chaff catcher and brush the mesh filter but the concept of unintended button pushes is interesting.
I might try running a couple of roasts in auto mode.

Just a follow up on this. After being able to complete a roast using the Bullet control panel (ie not using Roastime) I figured it could be a software fault. I reinstalled the software and driver and today’s roast completed (dropped at 218°C). Hopefully this problem is now sorted.

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