Jumping into cooling mode when first crack is reachedy

For the second time my Bullet R1V2 automatically cycled into cooling mode when it reached first crack. I’m controlling the roaster manually rather than following a saved profile. Any clues about what im doing wrong . I can ‘rescue’ the roast by pressing PRS to get back to roasting mode but i lose the profile graph.

I’ve seen this happen from very dirty chaff filters. The humid air cannot escape, and enters the control board where it triggers button presses.

Thanks for replying. I don’t think it’s that as I take the time to empty the chaff catcher and brush the mesh filter but the concept of unintended button pushes is interesting.
I might try running a couple of roasts in auto mode.

Just a follow up on this. After being able to complete a roast using the Bullet control panel (ie not using Roastime) I figured it could be a software fault. I reinstalled the software and driver and today’s roast completed (dropped at 218°C). Hopefully this problem is now sorted.

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Spoke too soon. Since last i posted, I still get the bullet ending the roast at 200 deg C. The software reinstall didn’t help.
I did a roast today without using RoasTime and it didn’t jump into Cool mode suggesting my problem is a software fault. The previously reported RoasTime reinstall didn’t fix things.

  • I’ve tried a different USB cable without effect.
  • I’ve downgraded firmware back to V591
  • I’ve tried a driver install via RoasTime but this seems to go on forever so I aborted via Ctrl-C.
  • is an upgrade to RoasTime v4 going to help?

I also noticed at around 188 deg C the A-02 ‘error’ briefly appeared. Do i understand correctly that this is some safety feature that tries to ensure you don’t leave your roast unattended: you need to push a control panel button to stop the roast from aborting. Could this be what is causing the premature roast end?

Yes, if the A-02 comes up you need to press a button. If you don’t it will turn off the heating and start the exhaust blower at max speed. But it should not end your roast and go to cooling mode.
Try RT4 and see if that helps. Make sure you are not running any playback or recipe.

Well ‘cooling mode’ is what i called it at the time as i thought that was what was happening. Ill give the button push a go. Btw, I can’t remember seeing this when i RTFM. Time for another read.

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Success! Completed a roast this morning, remembering to press a button when A-02 appeared. Definitely needs an alert in RT to prompt the user and i bet I’m not the first or last. Anyway, consider this issue resolved
Also installed RT4. Unless there is something i missed, I’m assuming this is a work in progress. The USB status showed “Issues” after installing and connecting. A reboot and replug worked but the USB crashed twice with “issues” meaning i lost some of the roast log.

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