Kudos to the Aillio Support Team & Julio at Sweet Marias

Just wanted to share that the Aillio Support Team was impeccable in helping me to get my 2.5yr old Bullet R1.5 working again. The short of the problem was that my IBTS Fan was not working up to specs and my Bullet was “down”. The IBTS Fan was spinning, clean and outwardly appearing to work, but it couldn’t get over 10k RPMS (and was very inconsistent in speeds).

The Aillio Support Team thoroughly evaluated the data in RoasTime, reviewed photos that I sent them and requested some tests to help diagnose the problem. They helped me discover that the IBTS Fan was the problem and they asked “Julio” at Sweet Marias to engage the parts needs. Julio sent me a new Fan and the small “Y” Cable that communicates to the IBTS assy (just in case it was needed). I installed the parts and am happily back to roasting again.

I want to thank Matt Yau, Toni Huang and of course “Julio” at Sweet Marias. These guys did one of the best jobs of engaging the customer I’ve seen and stuck with me (daily for a week) until the problem was solved. Great support all around and I just wanted to publicly recognize them for it. :trophy: