Latest firmware and software


I’m new to the Bullet and Roast.World, so I may have missed this.

It would be great to have a page on the Roast.World site that simply advised everyone of what the latest versions are for the software and firmware. It could have the current recommended stable release for each, as well as the latest beta release.

The way things are, right now, you need to search through the forum, looking for posts about various versions and noting numbers. Then, you have to correlate comments about stability with dates and make your guess.

A clear statement from Aillio in a known and stable location (with links) would be much cleaner, easier, and safer.


Given the the roaster itself is not really a fool proof product (and I mean this in a good sense as it is powerful but requires people to understand what they are doing), I think that this

is good enough. We are all adults and can read. no? :wink:

(don’t take my comment as trolling …lol…I just think it is what it is and do we want that the guys behind Aillio improve the product or some website with their scarce resources…?))


@celticcupcoffee 100% agree, this is in the pipeline for the near future.


Reading isn’t the issue. (Note that I was proposing the creation of a page TO READ.)

The issue is visibility. As I said in my post, I’m new to the Bullet and the whole Aillio ecosystem. I didn’t know that there was a GitHub page. And, no, that’s not good enough. Nowhere on the page you linked does it describe what prod/alpha, alpha/alpha, prod/beta, etc. mean. For a newbie, it’s still a guessing game.

At least @eli gets it.


Never knew about the GitHub page.

Seems like a lot of tribal knowledge about the roaster isn’t easily found by new customers.


Till something better comes along, start RoasTime, click About > Update. You’ll either install what is new or you’ll get the message “Unable to find a newer version…”. That’s how I installed 2.0.9beta from 2.0.8beta. No chance to save the file… it just updates.

Doesn’t solve the issue of installing RT initially.



I agree with you! To some of our articles there are no links, so you need to go back and check emails, newsletters and what not.
It is something we will have a look at after Chinese new year to see if we can find a central place to put all the relevant information.


I was about to create a new post but I am having the exact same issue. I do use GitHub at work but after finding what I think is the correct release folder I am faced with nothing but alpha and beta tags for the releases. As someone who doesn’t want the latest features and instead wants stability, I have no idea which version is considered the latest “stable” version. Since 2.2.1 is alpha, I guess 2.2.0 is the latest stable version but the beta tag implies it is not. The “prod” tag might be the clue about it being stable but again, beta tells me otherwise. I’d be happy to try and help develop the read me page if someone cares to share the naming standards.


So, @jacob, it’s been about 6 weeks since you promised a well known location where everyone could find the current version of everything. Is there any progress to report?


No not yet. We have been 100% focused on making the recipe creator to RoasTime - with temperature actions. 2.2.0 is the most stable release for now.


Well, when you go open the half-updated manual and it tells you to do things like install drivers, while their website tells you not to, while the insert that shipped with the roaster is outdated/incorrect, and the Github link doesn’t really tell most people much of anything. I’d wager that it takes more than being a literate adult to get these things set up. You need to be a literate adult with time to burn who is willing to read through multiple resources and be familiar with Github.

Personally, I’m glad the company isn’t adopting a “git gud” strategy with their product.


8 weeks and counting…

Edit: I lost count. It’s 9 weeks, now.

There are still some updates and links missing but we are getting there.



Will there be a separate one for V1.5? If not, please add V1.5 to the title (along with a description of what each version signifies and how to recognize them).

Thank you!


The updated “Do’s and Dont’s” information is very good and useful.

On that Do’s and Don’ts screen, I noted this sentence (below) and now don’t know if I purchased a Bullet or if I’ve adopted something! :grin:

"Follow these rules for raising a happy, healthy roaster…"