Latest Stable Versions of Software/Firmware

Hey Guys & Gals,

Maybe I am missing something but is there a one stop place where I can find the latest stable versions of RoastTime and Firmware. I do not feel comfortable running Beta software or firmware but always want to make sure I am running the latest updates. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

This is where I check from time to time…

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thank you!

Available on GitHub as well. Dunno if one is updated more frequently than the other, but it does look like you can find the most recent -alpha version on GitHub; the Aillio site is silent about that.



Thanks for the GitHub call. Aillio’s site shows 2.2.0 as latest. Appreciate the heads up.


Save your downloads so you can back into earlier versions. Some of these releases are iffy.


Good point. Thx!