Learning Green Bean Defects

Hello everyone, I am learning about green bean defects and how they will after our roasting and eventually after the cup quality. I have identified some today and tried categorizing them. You can find how I categorized it in the attached images. I am not sure if I classified them correctly. Can someone please let me know what these defects are actually?

i would classify (C) as Fungus defect.
Green-Coffee-Defect-Handbook-1.pdf (361.0 KB)


I’m curious to know the sample size. As well as the bean. There’s allot of defects but if it’s not a sample and a large quantity not terrible.

I just play a game of “Which of these is not like the others” LOL
Misshapen beans and elephant ears don’t seem to harm the batch. I expected elephant ears to burn but they don’t. Broken beans, mottled beans, off color beans (including Quakers), and insect damaged beans are what I’m looking for mostly. Over the last year or so I’ve been getting way too many Quakers, even from specialty coffee suppliers.
With most coffee beans recently I’ve had to sort before and after roasting. Either that or roast them for my brother in law (burn them LOL). A real pain in the derriere. My supplier explained why and thinks it is just a temporary situation. Has to do with labor shortages caused by COVID shutting down borders for migrant workers.