Lesson Learned - Clean your IBTS

After my last roast session I did the deep clean. But after I was all done, realized I had forgot to clean the IBTS. Didn’t want to take it apart again so figured it was fine. Start my next roast session and after warm up I get ERC 0001, but get it to go away. Didn’t want to go through cool down and warm up again so figured I could get through roasting and clean it afterwards. 3 erratic roasts later I finally had to concede, cool down, take apart, clean the IBTS and start over.

Before the cleaning things were all over the place. Roasts were going very quickly. Temp readings weren’t even close to what was going on (YW, FC, etc…). Bean and drum temp lines were crossing over each other.

After cleaning, everything was perfect. Playbacks were right on.

Dirty sensor was causing false readings on the lower temp side. So roaster was actually much hotter than it was showing.


Good to know! Thanks for sharing your experience!

I think some context would be helpful for many of us as it relates to the cleaning rituals and upkeep to keep things moving smoothly for each of us on this roaster… That said, How many roasts had you done prior to this point?