Let's talk about how much money about ur Bullet R1

I see someone said “spending $20 on seasoning was too much on a $2,700 roaster”, And I Spend 3,900USD on my R1 Roaster…that is the most cheapest price in China as I know…So let’s have a talk about your price!

I think that would be fun :relaxed:

Oh BTW, My R1 is a V2 version

The price I paid last March was ~$2,700 USD. Aillio smartly set the price between the high-end, fully-optioned smaller roasters (aka “Hottop”) and the smallest of 1Kg gas-fired commercial roasters that begin at ~$5K to $7K (depending upon manufacturer). Coffee roasting is a personal passion with me and I’ve never minded paying more for quality tools across all of my hobbies and interests.

I felt that Aillio’s US price-point was about right when I bought mine 10 months ago. The Bullet was also quite advanced in design for a professional-grade “home-roaster” (which we have not had in the 20 years I’ve roasted). I feel that they are still price competitive today and especially so if you compare “electric powered” commercial 1Kg roasters from other companies. :+1: to Aillio.

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≈$2700 USD, December 2019. Totally worth it.I bought from Taiwan because Sweet Maria’s didn’t have any in stock. Paid some customs fees.

About $2,780 including shipping in January 2019. added some greens for about $4+/lb to season the drum (turned out to be really good beans).


Looking at the capability of the roaster in terms of being able to control power, fan and drum speed independently, software monitoring, the sensors and the savings in power (being induction), I feel $2700 is a very competitive price. What killed us, in India, was the additonal $1300 that we had to pay for customs clearance (including freight).

Paid $3547 CAD back in 2016. Duty fees were about $175 CAD