Lightning Strike - Fried Board?

So last week we had a pretty severe lightning storm in my neighborhood, had a strike that hit our house – knocked pictures off the walls and kicked my main breaker, but no other obvious damage. Thought I was in the clear – everything else in the house seems fine after flipping the breaker. Went out to roast today, and my laptop couldn’t connect to the Bullet (R1V2) over USB. The roaster seems to power up just fine, and I can control temp/fan/drum manually via the buttons on the display, but nothing over USB. Tried another computer – no luck.

What are the chances of being able to fix this? I can still roast using manual controls, but without software control it’s a bit of a PITA…

It is possible to fix, but you will need a new control board.
Before that, could you please check the device manager and see if it shows up there?
Also try another cable just for good measure.

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Not showing up in Device Manager in Windows or with lsusb in Linux, tried 3 different cables. Support asked me to try RT4 beta – that doesn’t help either. Looking for a replacement board, but I don’t see that available (at least on the US Aillio site). Guess I know now to take that recommendation to “UNPLUG WHEN NOT IN USE” seriously.