Linux version on Chromebook?

Has anyone got the Linux version of Roast Time to work on a Chromebook like the PixelBook? I tried running it from the terminal and it throws an error fuse: device not found, try modprobe fuse first cannot mount appimage, please check your fuse setup.

After some research it could be that fuse is not part of Crostini yet but when I use the --appimage-extract command and then try ./AppRun I get the error Desktop file is missing please run AppRun from within an AppImage. line 50 /app/aillio-ts no such file or directory. Are the extracted files from the app image required to be put in a different folder?

I was able to get the application running on the Chromebook but it never communicated with the roaster.

FWIW, I read that USB support for the Linux container in ChromeOS is scheduled for version 75 and I think we are currently on 73. Not sure if this will help the application but hopefully it will.

Anyone have any update on this? I have a nicer HP Chromebook with an i5 cpu and would love to use it for the Bullet.

Any update on this? I still haven’t been able to get it working on my Chromebook.

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