Logging in the Roast.World


Does anyone else have an issue with logging in to RoastWorld using their Aillio login? I just logged into Aillio.com. I then opened the RoastWorld, went to the login page and am prompted to login using my Aillio login and password.
When I tried this several times, I was informed of an invalid email or password. I ended up signing in with Facebook.


The account on aillio.com – used for ordering products – does not match with the aillio ID used for community, roast.world, and roasTime. I am not sure whether there are plans to link these in the future or not.


In my opinion, the log in and linking of users between Roast World, Aillio.com and the Roast Time software is terrible, at least on the Mac. The Mac Roasting interface, in terms of logging in, and then registering a bean is very confusing. And I taught software for a living for about 20 years. I am going to document in more detail suggestions for making the Mac Software more usable. As it is now, I might as well roast from the front panel.


Couldn’t agree more, it’s just as bad with Windows.