Login Issue

I’m trying to log into RT3 for the first time, and getting an error that my email is not found in the system. I can log into RT2 and legacy.roast.world without issue. I tried resetting my password, but it’s saying There is no user found. User may have been deleted.

UPDATE: I’ve created another account, using my same email address, in RT3 - then downloaded 2.5.7, exported my roasts, and imported them to RT3. I ‘think’ everything is ok now.

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This seems to be a common problem! It happened to me several months ago, and Matthew had to reset my login. It still persists now (for me) in that some of the Aillio sites seem to require the OLD (legacy) password, and others require the new one. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that certain browsers don’t seem to be able to save the username/password combination.