Long roast

Hi all - did a larger charge today and it seemed to draw on a bit. I’m wondering how much the larger charge (~1.5 lbs) contributes to this length. It was an Ethiopian (Natural) and it just seemed to keep going. I’m not sure if I just coudn’t hear the cracks or what but does a specific temp on the IBTS always mean it’s cracking. I.e. if I just went by temp alone, can I count on it hitting FC and such based on temp alone?

I’d love any feedback you can provide. It seemed to stall out a bit so I fudged the power slightly from the playback I was using (it called for a P3 but I stepped it back up to a 6). Is this generally too long of a roast for this size?

I don’t think 13 mins for 755g is that long. My 1kg roasts ranges from 14+ to <17 mins while my 500g roasts ranges from 10+ to <12 mins. The one time I did the odd 630g it was around 13 mins.

You might want to start with an F2 or F3 at charge. The P6 and F6/F5 I see there before FC you’re probably losing heat there thus losing your momentum for the roast.

With my roasts regardless of batch size most of the time I would get FC around 395-410F. I call my YP (yellow point) somewhere in the 330-340F depending on the moisture in the bean - basically when most of the green color is gone, average is around 333-335F

There is a link to a temp table with degree of roast milestones somewhere in these threads that you search for that you might find useful as a reference.


You didn’t say what the ambient temperature was but in my part of the world it’s winter now and I find that I have to keep fan speed down in order to keep the momentum up during the roast. Your roast appears to stall around 7 minutes . As always, the only thing that matters is how it cups. Let us know.

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