Longer electrical cord


I’ve found that the cord that came with my Bullet R1 v1.5 is too short for my preferred installation. Can I safely replace the 2m cord with a 15 ft cord, with 14 awg wire, 250v/15A ratings, and the proper ends (NEMA 5-15P and IEC C13)?

I figure that will be a better option than an extension cord, which would require an additional connection point.

Looking for unofficial concurrence (NOT official approval) from @jacob, @jonas, or another Aillio person.



You’re right that 14awg is what comes on the unit, and it would probably be fine to make a 15 foot cord out of it, although it might get warm. What you have on a 20A circuit in a wall is 12awg. Since you’re running 15 feet, I’d be inclined to up-size the cord to 12 awg- to avoid the additional resistance a 14 awg wire would incur.


Any idea where I can get such an animal? Amazon comes up blank on 15 feet and 12 awg.

Actually, I could make do with 10-12 feet, but no joy there, either.


Here’s one :wink: Superior Electric EC123-15 15 Feet 12 AWG SJO 3 Wire 125 Volt NEMA 5-15P Electrical Cord https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T6M9YDM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_HumyCbNE22E8M


There is nothing wrong using a longer cord, just make sure it has a high enough rating.


Well, sorta. That one lacks the IEC C13 plug on the roaster end. If I end up having to add that, myself, I think the overall package is considerable weaker - at least from a physical perspective. (Meaning that what I cobble together won’t be as physically robust as a properly terminated commercially made cord.)


At Lowes


Thanks, but that’s a NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R. IOW, a heavy duty extension cord. Permanently using extension cords on high draw appliances is frowned upon. I was looking for a 12 AWG NEMA5-15P to IEC C13, good for at least 125v, that would replace the cord provided by Aillio.

But Jacob has already said (essentially) that the 14 AWG that I originally suggested would be okay, so I’m set.


I have using a cord on 10 meter for many month now, its just works sooo good.


yeah, the 230V is not as sensitive as the 120V in the US.