Looking for 500g good and easy recipes

Hi everyone!

I am not very familiar yet with this community. I would like to know how I can find simple and easy starter recipes for 500 gram batches.

I see a lot of different profiles but I want something like the guide for 350g but for a bigger batch.

Thanks so much.

Go to your Dashboard → Roasts → Discover.
Click Filters then

  • scroll to Green Weight and
  • enter 500 in both fields (or whatever weight range you want).
  • click Close

That should give you many potential roasts but of course not necessarily the best roasts for your needs. You can fine tune a bit with Bullet model (V1, V1.5, V2… you probably have a V2), roast degree (color).

In the preceding screen you can fine tune a bit more by entering (country) Origin of the beans. And Roast Name often includes specific bean ordering info which the originator uses to keep track of the roasts, e.g. try entering Mexico in Origin and Chiapas in Roast Name.


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Thank you Bab.

To extend @bab’s great answer,

You can follow this link that is a filtered list to show only 500g recipes: 500g recipes on Roast World

Best Derrick

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