Looking up other people’s roasts on Roastworld

Is there a direct button that allows you to click on a user name in the community forum, and look up a users roast history on roast world?

You can search in RW for the user. It’s two different software, the forum is a 3rd software called Discourse while RoastWorld may be bespoke software.

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That makes sense. I have been using the search bar, but on my phone and slow data, and the weird roastworld squeeze on a tiny cellphone screen, it becomes a bit cumbersome. Like I cannot see if I have typed the username correctly, and can only see the last letter or sometimes none at all. So, was sort of hoping I just missed where a direct link might be.

There is no Wi-Fi where I live, and cellphone use is spotty. Luckily forums are not usually data heavy.

Try landscape your phone or maybe on a tablet device instead. I use RW on an iPad fine.

Caveat, the search algo in RW is a bit weird in my opinion, but if you copy/paste the user’s name it should work just since that will then be an exact search.

I hear you.

Also, when I try to copy a username, I only have the option to copy a link. So unless I can find a username in another format. Anyway, I do appreciate the suggestions.

This is landscape mode on iPhone, can’t even see the last letter.

Copying names on a phone: