Losing bean weights, roast title and selected bean from RT 4

I’ve seen several reports lately that seem similar to the issue I am experiencing, but I figure the more data you have, the better. I’m using version 4.6.16 of RoastTime 4 on MacOS 12.6.8.

After the roast is finished and out of the roaster, and without moving to a different page within RT4, I click the ‘Edit Current Profile’ button on the roast page, then add a title, select the bean, add green weight (no option for roasted weight at this point). I then hit Save, and see the values reflected in the RT page where the roast took place (Bullet dashboard is on the left, graph is gone, but title, bean and weight are displayed at the top). If I look in roast.world at this point, I see an untitled roast with no values listed, just a graph. The graph always displays yellowing, 1C and other values, in RT4 and at roast.world.

Back in RT4, if I click ‘Roasts’ in the left menu, I see the just-completed roast at the top of the roast list, but looking across the row that contains that roast, the roast title, bean and bean weight values are blank. There are blank editable ‘bubbles’ for the weight values. I add weight values there, saving each one individually and getting two confirmations that the values have been saved by RT4. If I click on and open the ‘untitled’ roast in the list, I can see the roast graph, etc. and the weight values are displayed, but there’s no value for title or bean. (This is new behavior for weight values, at least in my case, see my ‘Note’ below.)

At this point, if I move back to roast.world in the browser and refresh or force a reload of ‘My Roasts,’ the bean weights are present, but title and bean are not. Note: in recent past roasts, I could enter the bean weight values into RT4 via ‘bubbles’ as described, get confirmation they were saved, and they would disappear. Today, those values appear to be saving correctly.

It looks like weight values are only saved correctly when entered via the ‘bubbles,’ but roast title and bean roasted values are not being saved at all. I work around this by going to roast.world, opening the new, blank roast and adding all values there, but it would be nice to be able to complete it all within RT4, as designed. I’m sure you are investigating and working to resolve these issues, and I hope this information is helpful.

I should add that the values I enter on roast.world appear in RT4 almost instantly.

This is just what I saw, for the rest you’ll have to wait for someone else. This is what you wrote:

If you click on “Edit Current Profile” after the roast is finished, you’d be editing your next roast. If you click on “Edit Previous Profile”, you’ll find all the options and you’ll be editing the roast you’ve just finished.

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Thanks for that, I was reading it a completely different and incorrect way. Cheers!

Hey @matt_h,

I think @braca19452f9m is right. At the page you were on, “Edit Current Profile” means the profile that is currently being roasted or will start to roast. Whereas “Edit Previous Profile” means that profile that was just finished being roasted or (if you are currently roasting) the last roast profile.

I think this can be a bit confusing and so I’ll bring this up in our weekly discussion to try to get this sorted out.


Hey @here,

We are working on making this a bit clearer. I’ll write back here when the update has been released to you all.

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