Lost all my roast cupping ratings and won't save current roast cupping ratings

Lost all my rated cuppings and can’t save current roast cupping ratings. Everything else seem normal. Can still rate with stars. Roastime 4.6.16

Hey, can you clarify with a screenshot what you can’t save?

It lets me get into the cupping menu and do a rating but won’t save. Also lost all my previous roast ratings

Thanks for the clarification, @roeltorres.kZUV. We’ll look into this in more detail and get it fixed as soon as possible.

I can confirm that your cupping data wasn’t lost. There’s a bug where it’s not loading the data as expected. But the data is there.


Thanks Derrick, ratings still not appearing and can’t save. How can I fix this?

Hey @roeltorres.kZUV,

Can you double check if this is fixed? This was caused by a recent update to the profile. I also added a minor update to the ratings modal that you might find useful.


Massive thanks Derrick, everything back to normal.

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