Lost all of my roasts

I logged into RoasTime and all of my roast history is gone. GONE! Anyone else have this issue?

Everything is on the server. If you see the roasts on R.W, you should be able to recover by re-sync’ing in RT3 (the circular arrows at the top of the roast history page).


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Thanks Bruce. I see the roasts in RW and did sync in RT, but still nothing is coming over. Even my new roast are not staying in RT.

Well bummer… should have been easy. Unfortunately I’m not able to suggest anything but to uninstall RT3 then re-install, log in with your user name/password, then sync roasts (& recipes). If that fails then you’ll need to contact Support with a trouble ticket.

Are you using Win10/11? or are you on a Mac? I’m using Windows, so if you’re on a Mac maybe someone else here can jump in.

Just to be sure, have you confirmed you’re logged in with RT3 when you are viewing your Roast History?


Hi @shuapayne,

I checked your profile and saw that all your roasts have been successfully saved on our servers. They are not really lost. Don’t worry, you can still get them back. I think what might be happening in your case is that your RT installation might have gotten corrupted.

Can you try re-installing RT again? You might need to completely uninstall by removing the roast-time folder. Here’s a few steps to do this:

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