Low Density Beans, Charge Temperature and Tipping

Finally nailed this bad boy (El Izotal, El Salvador Pacamara SHG+) after playing around with different charge temperatures and came up with the conclusion that for some beans, tipping will inevitably be present. If it does not affect the taste, don’t lose sleep about it.

The graph below show the very first roast that I’ve done which instantly had tropical fruit flavours right off the roast as I brewed an aeropress. 2 weeks later, it tasted and smelled like candy floss. It pretty much left me stunned in the morning. There was some tipping present in almost every bean and the beans looked a bit too swollen as well. Graph:

On the subsequent roasts, I was trying to eliminate tipping and I ended up with a charge temp 25 Deg C lower than the very first roast but I ended up eliminating the flavours and tipping was still present. This roast nearly lasted 15 mins. Graph below:

After nearly pulling my hair out, I decided to go back to the drawing board and overlaid the first roast and increased the charge temp slightly as I was roasting 200g more. It almost hit all of my desired markers (yellowing, first crack, end time, end time). Right before first crack, I wasn’t sure if I was biased but I remembered smelling some tropical fruits too! Can’t wait to try it after two weeks! Also, I’m not sure why my IBTS ROR is flying all over the place. Maybe it is due for a clean since I’ve done 6kg of roasts since I opened it up for cleaning.

Pictures are from the last roast!