Mac Not Recognizing Roaster

Hi all, I just got my roaster last week and I am really excited. I’ve already done about 11 pounds! Unfortunately, I’ve had some trouble getting my new macbook pro (two USB-C ports - Mojave) to see the roaster.

It was worked fine out of the box but then while it was plugged into the roaster I plugged in my power cord to the mac (the battery was low) and things crashed. The mac wouldn’t even recognize the power cord. I reset the power management system control (something I’ve had to do regularly with this mac). The mac is working again but it won’t recognize the roaster. I’ve updated the roast.time software. I’ve uninstalled and restarted the computer, etc. I even tried my wife’s macbook which is older and more reliable. I’m worried that something got tripped on the roaster side and needs to be reset. No matter what I do, the roaster shows up as disconnected when plugged into my mac. Is this a manual bootloader issue?

Anyone else have trouble with this?
Any suggestions for what I need to do?


I have used my Mac Book Pro (early 2015) with OS X El Captain v.10.11.6
It usually has no problem accessing the Bullet, but when pre-heating, the Bullet will go off line, I will quit the RoasTime application v2.0.8 beta. and restart the application and it stays on line after that. I usually don’t multi task on the computer when roasting but when I do it still stays on line. I had a issue when I had another USB external hard drive plugged in so I just limit the Mac to one task while roasting. I’m always afraid to upgrade operating systems when things are working well. This response may not help your problem but it could give the programers more information to help create a stable program. Good luck.

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This is great. Thanks for the tips. I’ll try and see if I can get it to recognize after the pre-roast phase.

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No luck with this method. It’s still not recognizing. :frowning:

have you had any luck with USB-C cables?

I have yet to find one that works (including Apple’s USB-C adapters)
The roaster shows up in Apple’s System Report, but RoasTime never sees it.

Over my first 35 kg with RoasTime, i too have realized that removing or adding anything to the USB ports during a roast will cause a loss of connection, so i avoid it.

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We recently had a case where it was the USB C to USB A adapter that was not working.
Could you try going through a hub instead?

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I tried multiple ways (multiple cords, adapters, etc)
I just got a “fresh” simple Apple USB A - C adapter delivered yesterday.

Tried the new Apple A - C adapter this AM with my trusty USB micro to A cord & it worked !

Trouble is, when i went to do a back to back roast, the Bullet display froze & now won’t turn on :flushed:

I’ve been using this inexpensive USB C to USB micro cable with MacBook Air M1, macOS 11.2.2 no problems:

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Good to know.

The first one i tried was this one:

didn’t work for any device i tried, exchanged it & the second worked for a few devices but not the Bullet.