I am getting ready to re-do my Bullet installation in my garage. (it is actually my wife’s craft room and she has been complaining about the smoke and smell)
I currently have a range hood installed and it is not keeping up with the smoke and particulates.

MERV 8 filter after ~8 kilos of roasting

As I was looking around at options: Filter box, S6 inline fan, vent exhaust, etc.
I came across the MagVent. It is a pretty cool item. It only comes in 4 inch, but I can fab something up to get to 6 inches.

Here is a video:

I thought that maybe someone else here might find this interesting.

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Hey Bill, how to you plan to use that mag vent?

This is pretty cool… I can use one for my dryer! :joy:

I have my Bullet on a lazy Susan and was thinking about having it set up so when the lazy Susan was in the correct location for roasting, it would automatically connect.

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That’s a cool idea!