Metal piece fell out of drum while seasoning

I just completed my first seasoning roast in a brand new aillio bullet. I dropped the coffee into the cooling tray then started the second seasoning roast right away. After dumping in the second seasoning batch, a tiny metal component fell out of the drum into the cooling tray. I attached a picture of the component here.

Anyone know what this is? Where does this metal piece belong and how can I put it back?

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Pin from the tryer. See the thread on the repair. This is a result of a bad batch of tryers , can be easily repaired or you can ask for a replacement. Can use tryer without a pin temporarily.


Thank you so much! Glad you recognized the piece, I did not make the connection that it was the tryer.

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You’re lucky to have found it. Mines gone and I’m waiting for Sweet Maria’s to figure out a solution. It fell out somewhere between the first and second roast.

I ended up buying 4x8mm dowel pin from Amazon and using JB Weld to permanently attach pin to a tryer.