Minor-but-useful interface change suggestion for RoasTime

H’lo! When in RT roasting mode, the ITBS temp is sort of buried under the ROR indicator, the bean temp, and overall roast time. It’s boldfaced, but I always find my eye searching for it. Would it be possible to exchange the positions of Bean Temp and ITBS, and maybe bold both the time and ITBS fields? This would be a subtle change, but since ITBS is becoming the primary temp reading, it makes sense, at least to me. Feedback welcome.

For the next version it will be shown as:
IBTS temp
Bean Temp (in smaller font)

Thanks for the feedback

Sorry to hear this. I like what we have currently. Yeah, I’ll learn to use the new UI but if there’s a chance of user-config for layout I’d prefer the option.


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I kinda like the two temp readings closer together and preferably same font size… some of us don’t have great eye-sight :wink:

+1 on Bruce’s comment about user-config option

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Me, too. I guess us old guys have to stick together.

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I’m no young whippersnapper, myself! :slight_smile: A user-configurable layout would be optimal, if that’s not too much overhead for the programmers. Thanks for the feedback!

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