Minor UI suggestion

I have noticed that there is no place on the UI indicating the version number of the software. Also, it does not display the name of the user currently logged in. These would be good information to have. I was expecting to see user name on the Account Settings window, and under the Help menu, there could be an About window indicating software version number.


Thanks for the feedback.

These have been suggested internally before. You can create and track proposed tweaks and feature additions here: Trello

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So…could not find a topic heading for this question: Does anyone Aillio,
Jacob,Taylor etc know when the new IR sensor will become available. my serial #074 .I now get constant warnings to clean the IR glass including immediately after removing front panel and thoroughly cleaning the glass. I roast for Espresso.

Most of the time the quickest response comes from mailing [email protected] or using the contact form on aillio.com

My best guess for the IR is for it to become available sometime around New Years. When we have a set date we will share it.

Sometimes those warnings are false. More often users think their glass is clean when it in fact isn’t, or it may also be possible that some grime got behind the seal and on the sensor itself. If there really is a problem with the IR, then you will probably see your bean temperatures exceeding your drum temperature during preheat. That’s a dead giveaway.

If you want to be sure whether it is clean you can take a picture and send it to [email protected] to look at. It should actually shine a little bit. Just be very gentle with the glass and never set it down on a hard surface.

Thank you for your response Kafei.I do feel I have in the past cleaned the IR glass properly,God knows I have done it eneough times. Guess I will just continue on and wait for the new IR sensor to become available.