Missing graphs [fixed]

Hello. I upgraded both my computers to 3.4 and now in roastworld none of my graphs show up just this message Error: There was an error in loading this chart.

Our team has been notified. A possible cause for this error is undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'new nn.plugins.crosshair({direction:"vertical"})').

All the other info shows just the graph doesn’t

Comp. #1 2020 Mac M1
Comp #2 Late 2013 Big Surf. This is the one I run my Bullet with.

I’m also hitting this. You can bypass this by looking at the embedded version by going to actions.

Though this’ll give you less detail… but will give you a graph. :confused:

Thank you bzhou4ikwk!

Hey everyone,

We’re sorry. This was a regression caused by a release. We rolled back the release a few hours ago and so this should be working.


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I just checked things are good again. Thank you Derrick have a great week!!

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