Moccamaster spray arm

I just bought one of these. I don’t know how new these are but its new to me.

Let us know what you think. When I brew with my MM, I’m constantly moving the spray head around to ensure even wetting of all the grounds. IMO it’s one of the few weak points in an otherwise great brewer.

Sound like me. I was moving the sprayhead to wet the coffee around the edges with the valve closed then circle inward. I would have the basket over 1/2 full before I opened the valve. Now I do one spray for each quarter and the coffee is covered. Saving me a lot of time. I still do a light stir but I’m not sure that it is necessary. I may do away with that. So far so good. It’s almost like Christmas.
You can see the increase of force in the video but I think mine is a little stronger & does away with 91% of that dribbling. I got mine @ moccamasterusa for $24. For me it is money well spent. I was going to fashion a cover for the basket similar to the old stovetop perkolators to distribute the water over the grinds.

Note the smaller holes on the new version. Than may be where some of the increased agitation comes from. Like reducing stream size on a hose.