Mold Defect in Funnel, Loose Chaff Filter

Hi everyone,

My first post since getting my Bullet from Sweet Maria’s recently. I’ve got 10 roasts including 3 seasioning roasts under my belt, and am really enjoying the results already!

Sorry if this has already been discussed, I didn’t find a previous post about this…

One thing I noticed on my spanking new, perfect roaster was that the funnel has a crack/crevice on the Inside surface, near the bottom. It looked more like a mold defect so I contacted SM and sure enough - the replacement they sent as well as all others that they have on hand have the same defect.

It doesn’t affect function other than collecting dust that then needs cleaning attention, so a minor pain…

I’ll get used to it probably, but was curious how widespread this is - does your funnel have the same Defect?

Secondly, and more importantly, my mesh chaff filter is very loose, and there is a 1-2mm gap. When the chaff assembly is oriented in it’s normal orientation the weight of the mesh chaff filter causes it to shift to an angled position and contact the impeller fan.

I’m working with SM on a solution but was wondering if this is common?

Thanks for your feedback!

Have you tried pressing the chaff filter in a bit harder? there is a lip a little further in that it should catch, it will sit a little sunken in. like at the end of this video;

Thanks @ryonragan89djlm - that was it!

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My 2 year old funnel has the same “feature”.

I always have to re-learn how to seat the chaff filter gasket every time I clean that part of the roaster :slight_smile: