More Power Levels or Customizable Power Levels

I would like more control over the induction heater. With large roasts, nine power levels (P1 - P9) is probably ok. With smaller roasts, nine is not enough, and using a change in fan speed in lieu of an intermediate power level does not produce the same results.

I’d like to see either more power levels (P1 through P20 for example). If nine power levels is the maximum for some reason, then i’d like to have the ability to customize output at each level (for each recipe). I would then build template recipes for various batch sizes (example: 300 grams, 450 grams, 600 grams, 750 grams, and 900 grams).

My 300 gram batches never use a power level below 3 or above 7, this leaves me with P-1, P-2, P-8, and P-9 which never get used. The steps in between P-3 through P-7 are often too big of a step. What if I could program these to be applicable for a 300 gram batch.

300 Gram Roast Example (notice how I remove the low and high end range to better suit my needs):
P1 = 25% (of maximum output to induction heater)
P2 = 30%
P3= 35%
P4= 40%
P5= 45%
P6= 50%
P7= 55%
P8= 60%
P9= 65%

Has anyone else run into a similar situation? If you have come from gas roasting, my guess is that you too have felt the limitations!


@bab hi Bruce, I’d like also this answer. What are the power levels in amps from P0 to P9?