Muting the 1C ROR impact

Hopefully I’m sharing this correctly. I keep trying to lower the blip when 1C hits but can’t quite seem to nail it. I kicked the fan from 2 to 3 and I wonder if that added too much heat? I would have thought that going from P7 to P5 would dimish the impact but I guess that fan change did right? I panicked and dropped to P4 because it went up so that’s why there’s a lot of power changes in there.

Also, my IBTS vs my Bean temp don’t seem as aligned as others on here post. Thoughts?

The spike that occur at 6:20 cause by reducing drum speed. Temperature probe is just reading their own surface that radiate to them. While at D8 your beans tumbling loosely against bean probe but when you reduce to D7 that gap will be tighter because beans will move slower and you bean probe will feel more heat because it touches more often and that sudden spike surprise it thinking that it’s getting hotter drastically.
Basically fan will reduce temperature. I suggest to turn on IBTS RoR on settings > roast config, you’ll see on your graph the IBTS RoR is not following BT RoR, meaning beans temperature is not having sudden rising, its actually dropping drastically because reducing power from P7 to P5 then F3 and then P4. This is a lot of movement to reducing power causing your RoR to plummet (bean temp still rising though but not that fast).
As for IBTS and Bean temp don’t aligned, it depends on the batch sizes. 1 kg batch size usually will seem aligned.

For a 500 grams batch I like to set PH: 240 C, P7, F2, D9. Pre heat until charge automatically (usually took 20 minutes or more)
Only reduce power to P6 and P5, sometimes P4 if necessary then F3 mid roast to smoothen the RoR. Pay close attention to turn over temperature. that indicating the momentum of the beans take up heat, adjust PH temp for this problem.

This is how I did it.