My first roast impressions

Hi everyone, I’m glad to share with you my first roast on the Bullet.

I would really appreciate reading your opinions about it. It was a Guatemala Huehuetenango washed beans, and I have some questions to ask you:

  • Why the B-RROR curve is too low? I have charge at 220º as it the first guide says.
  • I see a lot of chaff, how could I eliminate it without using a very high F at the end?
  • What do you think about a 10% lost weight?
  • 9% development time seems too short but I was following the first guide and 60 seconds after FC seems fair to me looking at the color as well.
  • It is too hard to me marking the YP, any references?
  • How long should I take to try this coffee as espresso?

Thank so much for reading and answering.

Hey! Thanks for sharing!

Hope this helps! Cheers!