My Roaster isn't heating,

Hiya, has anyone had issues with their bullet not heating, i just get the ambient temp of the room.

When I last roasted 2 weeks ago I didn’t have that issue on my V2. Anything you’re doing that might be different from past sessions?

I am having issues with preheat too. Just started this morning! I did not change anything from last time I used the machine a few days ago. The machine does heat but then goes to P0 and never reaches PH temp of 230.

Did any software or firmware get updated? I think there is a new RT software version that got pushed out recently. I’m not sure what firmware version I’m on without connecting everything up (not planning on roasting this weekend).

@mcaillio or @bab any thoughts on this?


While connected to the roaster and RT3 on the Roast screen and with the heating issue present, look for codes on the Logs tab of the Info box (only available on the Roast page). Then start a trouble ticket with Aillio support and describe the problem including the error codes. They can interpret the code and guide what you need to do to get back up. The newest RT3 (3.1.8 I think) has an explanation of a select number of the codes on the Logs tab. Aillio will have the data on the server but date & time helps.


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I did a firmware update and works now. Of course, not sure if that was really the issue but I will take the correlation if not causation for the moment :slight_smile:

Morning, thanks for all your replies. I plugged it into a different plug and started working. if it will do it again who know but for now it seems to working fine. I will keep you all updated.

Thanks again