My Roasts Comments inaccessible with interface as is

Hi peeps,
It seems Roastime does not show comments one makes about a roast!
See this video, thanks,


Hey Mark,

I can’t see that video, do you have another format?

That’s completely weird! For me it is embedded in the forum article, the browser (chrome) displays the video thumbnail, and it has a “play” button right there in the forum thread, and pressing it, the video plays within the Aillio forum thread… so there’s no third party player involved? Also, it is an mp4… so there isn’t a more compatible format in existence! Is this the big evil apple corporation playing games again?

Could be a Firefox or Linux thing. This is what I see

What about right mouse clicking on the video and choosing Save Video As… and then using VLC player on linux. That should work fine!?

also you could see if you can download it from Index of /mp
the video is called roastime_roast_comments_invisible.mp4

I can see the video using Chrome. Took 15 seconds to load.

I agree with Mark’s comments!! I also would love to see my comments and ratings data in RW in my private section.

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Re: Firefox… had the same issue- ‘unrecognized format’. I opened the link in a new tab and it was able to play ok. Just wouldn’t play in the R.W tab.


I can’t see it in firefox too but I used Bab’s method and that worked.
The new comment button will create a comment on the graph itself. We can improve the naming and the fact that you need to input another time than 0 as this won’t show.

About the comments in the edit section I really don’t know where we can put these. If we make a new column it would only be able to show a few words. Perhaps a mouse over icon that would show it as a tooltip?

Hi Jacob,
ODD that there is an issue, since mp4 really is the video equivalent of mp3 for audio…

How about to the right side of the row with the other 4 icons…
…with an icon that you can hover over or click to edit comments?

ah, so does this mean that on the graph one will be able to make comments about particular moments in time, that would be very nice. Perhaps a tiny :memo: icon and if you click on it, an editable window pops up, and hovering also shows the comment?

yes, try it out, just set the time correctly.

Hey Jacob,
I’m not sure what this is in response to, perhaps another thread? :grin:

Was in response to the graph comments :slight_smile: You can click on the comment on the graph once it is made, so that you can edit it.
Will see what we can do about the comments. Right now we have a min. screen resolution we work with and this does not leave room for more columns. Perhaps for higher resolution screens we can dynamically enable more columns.

Ah, nice! I did not see that was possible…
I guess the Roastime vs RoastWorld is still a bit schizo… I see these comments can be seen in RW, which is great, but RW has it’s own comment thing, which is for public comment, I suppose, though I’ve never had any of my comments responded to, so I am guessing the notification system for RW comments is not a push system? Maybe one should be able to opt to receive push notifications of public comments?
WRT column space, it could be just one little icon on the right which pops up with a comment box, as it does on the graph, perhaps?