My Santos is super bitter and not drinkable

It’s possible that the roast was too dark, causing bitterness in the coffee. Another possibility could be that the beans weren’t stored properly after roasting, leading to stale or spoiled beans

The last time I couldn’t solve a problem with scorched flavors came back to a dirty IBTS sensor. This is maybe a long shot for your specific case but I’ll contribute this to posterity: everything Roast Time was telling me was a lie about temperature and I couldn’t do anything right. I took the drum face apart, cleaned the sensor as directed, and I was back online in 20 minutes. Just a thought-- good luck to you.

I’ll add, there is zero incentive to enter roast data or share it. Zero.

The company does not give us tools that make sharing interesting or useful.

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A lot of people keep track of the yellow point. Then you can track the time between yellow and 1st crack. I arbitrarily mark yellow point when the IR bean temp reaches 335 degrees F.

It looks like you are speeding through the period between yellow and 1st crack. If you reduce the power and stretch out this phase of the roast, you will end up with a sweeter result.

I always roast in 300g batches. Here’s one of my roasts that turned out well:

I like to add power after 1st crack to more quickly get to 2nd crack. Also, I aim to get to yellow point at 5 minutes, and 1st crack at 9 minutes.

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The bitterness is possibly more to do with the brewing than the roasting… “over extracting”.


You have to experiment. ‘Too long’ can be caused by a grind that’s too fine. Try grinding coarser.