My Santos is super bitter and not drinkable

Dear all,

currently I am trying to roast “Santos Natural NY 2/3 Scr. 19 (Arabica)”.

Now, after one week I tried the first espresso and it was not drinkable. Very bad in taste - super bitter.

What do you think what the problem could be when you are looking on the curves of this roast here:
Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth [

I have also tried with preheat temp of 180 degree. The coffee taste is the same. Not drinkable :frowning:

Do you have some hints for me why this could be the case ?


link doesn’t work.

ooops, sorry. Hopefully that link is working:

lots of fiddling with the power. Try for a steady power decrease and fan increase. first crack looks too low. Santos will crack around 200 consistently. I’d just try again removing the p6,p5 leaving a steady p7 you’ll see a bigger temp drop for the p6 as you introduce f4 at the same time which will have a cumulative effect which you tried to correct by increasing the power again. I reckon your first crack actually occurred around the 8m mark which gave you around a 50 second dt and 3 degrees of stretch. just my humble opinion. Hope this helps

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thanks for your opinion … i will try. that means you are a fan of constant p7 and increasing Fan speed right ? so stabilizing a constant power and doing increase of fan. yes it could be that the FC was to fast … which % of DV are you prefer for the santos ? more than 20% ? thanks … do you have santos recipe maybe to do a playback on my side ?

no it means i’m a fan of not making too many nested changes as you have no hope of controlling the roast. I roast 1.2kg per batch when i do So my power settings would be different but that’s part of your experimentation to see what you prefer. Enjoy the coffee.

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