Nanyang or Kopi Coffee

I recently found this video on YouTube. I would love to try a cup.

I am just posting this as an interesting coffee topic.

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Absolutely wild

What is going on in this video?

Well, I guess I’ll toss a sick of butter and some sugar into the Bullet and see how it goes. Look for threads titled “should brown sludge…” coming soon!

Coffee brittle. LOL

Brings me back to my childhood! My aunt owns a coffee factory in Malaysia. I still remember the factory being hot and full of aroma.

This kind of coffee does not develop any kind of notes or mouthfeel; it is almost purely body/nutty, with creaminess coming from the butter and sugar. They can be extremely sweet.

If you want to try them out, you can look for them in the form of sachets (dip them like teabag). They should be available in Chinatown around your location. Just look for any Kopi O’ coming from Southeast Asia.


Ok, so I put butter and sugar into the bullet, and stuff started leaking out. Is this normal?

Hi Jimmy,

Generally, we do not recommend adding anything besides coffee beans to the Bullet. The Bullet is really not suitable for this kind of roasting; the Bullet will be very hard to clean and the liquified butter and sugar would leak out of the air inlet below the Bullet.

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Oh, I thought you said it was ok. :wink:

Haha, sorry for the misinformation, I meant to say you can get the finished products in some SEA shops.

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