Natural Ethopoan yirgacheffe beans

So am trying to find the sweet spot for the natural , i started it with p5 and d7 with f7 , am roasting a 200 g batch not sure about the correct preheat temperature, would appreciate to hear if someone has roasted it and what they tried


So this is my first batch , and it smells not so aromatic , more like smoke

Post a profile so that we can see what happened?

Hi -

I just roasted a bunch of natural Ethiopians (not yirgachefe, though, they are Sweet Maria’s Shakiso Bookkisa) on my Bullet and they’ve been great.

But first: I highly recommend reading the article aillio posted on medium about how to start roasting great coffee with the Bullet. In this article they give you a “sample” recipe for roasting light roast coffee. I’ve found that it works great to start.

Give that a try - it will tell you what to use for preheat temps depending on your batch size. Also, it will then tell you “start with this power level, then at 165C, lower the power level & up the fan” etc. It’s really useful.

Last couple things:

  1. 200g is a really small batch on the Bullet. Most places I’ve looked recommend 350g minimum.
  2. I’d keep the drum speed at D9. Especially for small batches, you want the drum speed maxed out to prevent scorching.

I’d guess that the slower drum speed is what led to you smokiness… the surface of the drum may have burned the outside of your beans.

I’ve had success with Ethiopian natural using:

  • 460g
  • preheat to 250C
  • start with P7, D9, F2
  • gradually drop the power and up the fan speed

You can see this roast profile I used for a natural ethiopian. Here’s a snip below for reference.


Thanks alot this is really helpful

With lower batches, I found that I can’t freak out on random crazy ROR crashes or spikes or you will be just jumping with settings all over the place. Just make the change you need and don’t worry if see all of the sudden a huge jump down. It’ll rebound and go in a predictable downwards pattern.

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