Need Help error code 32769:11617

when i use the bullet today there are no other problems found in use, but the error code is always displayed,I’m afraid what is the problem I didn’t find, so I want to ask for help, does anyone know what the problem is,thanks

I believe that error code refers to the incoming voltage being too low. I had that happen to me once and it never reoccurred. You may want to start a support ticket with Aillio and see what they have to say.

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Thank you for your reply. I also sent an email to Aillio and am waiting for their reply. I will try to start the machine in a different socket today to see if there is still this error code, thank you

Click on the info tab and look near the bottom. It should display the voltage for the electrical outlet you’re plugged into.

It’s normal for this message to show at startup and does not represent a problem with the bullet.