Need help please. Shop roaster down and I have orders to do

Cleaned my bullet as usual, very carefully.

Put control panel back in and together

Turned on and I get bean probe failure error.
Control panel shows ERR 0000 and 0001 they flash between the two.

Verified connections

This is my livelihood right now, and I really need help ASAP.

I have multimeters and stuff, and I’ve emailed Ailion about an hour ago, but I want to reach out to the community while I wait.

Not much I can offer but the bean probe is connected via the 2 blue wires. You probably know they disappear under the stainless steel backing plate of the front panel. Too much tension on wither wire could cut thru insulation so look carefully at that. And also confirm no break in either wire.

Not much help I’m afraid, but… ?? Frankly I’m surprised I haven’t had an issue in over 3 yrs roasting but then I’m not roasting commercially.



Thanks for the input. I have confirms and tested the bean probe. Hooked it up to my multimeter and I can watch as the resistance changes with temperature, so it’s working correctly.


Perhaps there is a little dust on the connector that is preventing contact and preventing reading, It may also be that the probe has lost its property and is no longer indicating the correct information.

It may also have broken during cleaning, it happened to me once…

In any case it is not expensive, I recommend that you have a spare one, it is one of those things that can fail and if you roast commercially you have to consider some spare parts on hand.

Greetings :relaxed:

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Thanks for the tips. It turned out to be the power board, and the. The ibts fan went too. My power board was an early V2, and some of them go bad, and Aillio extended the warranty luckily. Then I bought some spare parts thank goodness, because the ibts fan mysteriously died as well.