Need help with Maragogype roasting profile

First post :slight_smile:
Here below is my best roast attempt for this Colombian Maragogype.
What should I change to get more sweetness? Or do you see anything obviously wrong there?


Iā€™d recommend a slower roast for these very large beans. FC around 8:30 might be a good goal.

Thanks. Will try this afternoon.

Iā€™d introduce a couple of power drops between 4:30 to 6 min instead of a large drop P9 to P5.

Iā€™d also suggest leaving the fan at F5 all the way to the end of the roast instead of raising it to F6 or F8, that probably caused your ROR to almost turn negative (in fact your IBTS ROR actually went negative in the last 20-30 seconds.

Also what @veloandy mentioned is a good point. Give a bit more time for interior bean conduction because of its size. Slow down the roast slightly and you should get more even development.