Need to unplug USB from Roaster after firmware Update

Hey guys, I noticed after upgrading to 616 or perhaps of the RoastTime updates that I had to unplug the usb from the roaster. Unplugging from my macbook didn’t prompt the connection. Before the update if it didn’t connect simply restarting the application would establish the connection. I’m a bit concerned about having to unplugging and replugging in the back of the machine due to wear and tear. Thoughts?

I’m on a Apple Macbook AIr M1, using a braided micro usb to USB C connection.

I wouldn’t worry about that. The only thing you shouldn’t yank in continuation is the power cord. The thing I’d worry about is why would you need to unplug it specifically from there? It should prompt the connection wherever you disconnect it from.

I guess my issue is that I never had to do it that way. Now the only way it connects is if I unplug from the unit.

I wouldn’t know about the why of that particular behaviour, but I will tell you that I’ve plugged and unplugged the USB cable over 100 times by now. Just don’t mess with the power cord and that’s it. If it’s just a thing you have to do when you update the firmware, I wouldn’t worry. It is strange though, because technically you could turn the roaster off and on again, if you have some switch, as we all do, and it should connect. The computer should lose the connection no matter where you unplug it from, or if you power down your roaster. Which version of RoasTime are you using?

@braca19452f9m This is a little bit of a tangent question, could you elaborate on your comment “just don’t mess with the power cord”?

There are people that had problems, and there are threads here that advise on not unplugging the power cord from the roaster side, since it is a bit wobbly. I meant that there is a possibility of damaging something if you yank on the power cord, but not the USB. Just an example…

Power cord meltdown - Taking Care of the Bullet R1 - Roast World Community

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Thanks. Interesting though. Unfortunately my setup is such that I have to unplug from the roaster side every time I’m done to stow it away. I roast on top of my stove to make use of the range hood vent for venting the smoke, and where I store the roaster afterwards there isn’t enough room to keep it plugged in. I’ll just need to be more careful how I unplug it I suppose. I’ll have to check the next roast session if the cord gets warm - as the other thread pointed it, it should not - I don’t recall it getting warm the last time I roasted.

Yeah, I remember saying that to myself initially. Then, once I’ve read all the posts indicating I shouldn’t, I found that the power cord does not protrude and can be tucked away beneath the roaster without unplugging it. Maybe you have a different situation, but I would suggest at least trying to just put it under. As for the cord itself, it must get warm, but not excessively. The only thing where I’ve always noticed that the cord heats up is my vacuum cleaner. Not just the one, but various. And they are top notch expensive vacuums. It should be said that the cord on them is thinner.

If you must remove the cord, try to pull it straight out with a smoth motion and insert it back in with a straight smooth motion.

Jerking the plug out can bend the electrical connectors and cause them to not have as much connection strength.

When this happens, the spring loaded piece that I marked in red will become loose. When a connection becomes loose the electrical current will increase to maintain ampacity to the device . With a loose connection, more heat is generated at the connection, which will weaken the spring loaded piece even more, which generates more heat, which weakends the connector, which creates more heat…which can eventually lead to an electrical fire.

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Yes, I’ve noticed the exact same behavior. I’ve never had this issue prior to the update. Don’t know if it’s due to the roaster firmware or Roastime,

I’m using a MacBook Pro M2.

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