New 606 Beta charge to roasting on it's own

There’s an issue with Beta 606 that causes a jump from Charge mode directly to roasting mode on it’s own. I’m pretty sure this is due to the new feature of running the fan to keep the BT down.
There should be a change made that causes the fan to stop running a little bit before the roaster switches to charge mode.

Are anyone else having this issue? It is the first time I hear about it.

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@jacob It’s really odd. How does the roaster detect when it’s charged? I know if I put my exhaust fan right on the exhaust port and set the speed high it will detect charge before beans are added, but that’s only ever happened if I forget to drop the speed and it sags too close. But that’s not the case here. I don’t touch the roaster or anything, once it hits temp it says “charge” and immediately says “roasting started” and goes right into roasting mode.

I’ve not had the Charge → Roast without adding beans on any version of f/w thru 606, but I have read here on the forum of others that have had the issue with earlier f/w versions.


I have only seen this happen, if the preheat phase is skipped. By this I mean the preheating did not have enough time to heat up properly.
If you start a cold bullet and go directly to charge mode, then yes it will go to roasting mode right away, but it should not happen if it has time to preheat.
The conditions to auto start is:

  • Bean probe ROR drops below -25deg/m
  • IBTS is 80deg lower than your pre-heat setting.
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Yeah, not exactly sure why this is happening. I’m happy to test it again and send logs if you let me know what files to send and where they’re at. I’m running Windows 10 Preheating to 572F

So may I ask Did you figure out how to fix it or avoid it ?

It just stopped on it’s own lol. I think it was just a fan calibration